Design management and business advice

To complement our core IP services we can help clients take their ideas from concept to marketplace. Ip21’s business advisors can support the total process, or assist with individual phases.

The range of advisory services offered includes:

IP diagnostic assessment of any existing or potential IP that may exist within the project. Identify the most appropriate method(s) for protection and the significance of each form explained (e.g. Patent, registered Design, Registered Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, etc). Initially this would involve one free consultation with a member of the legal team and supported by explanatory conversation and quoted prices. Once ip21 services have been commissioned, management of this provision would not attract a charge.

Consultancy Support Help with the identification of the various forms of design or scientific expertise, necessary for the process. Finding those consultants, who have the necessary qualifications needed to fill gaps, briefing and selection of individual suppliers, assistance with the sourcing of prototypes and models, etc.

Statutory Issues advice on this vital part of new product development, e.g. standards, EU directives, testing, certification, CE marking, etc.

Grant applications dti, EU and NESTA, etc grant funding advice and application assistance. This can be a very important aspect of NPD and must be approached at the right time in the sequence if maximum benefit is to be derived.

R&D Tax Credits putting this in context and acting as an intermediary in procuring the right specialist advice.

Funding clients are often in need of advice on how to prepare for outside investment into their company. Investors could include VC’s and Business Angels.

Materials and Process Advice to assist with the considerations surrounding all aspects of materials selection and processing methods. Our business advice manager has extensive experience in this area as a metallurgist, having been a materials adviser for the Design Council.

Event Support presentations, lectures, seminars, clinics and networking opportunities. Ability to organise and deliver over a range of ‘innovation’ related topics.

The charges for these services are based on a realistic day-rate plus travel. Quotations can be provided on request.

For help and advice on any of the areas mentioned above, please get in touch:

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